July 27, 2018

The ForEva Foundation

“The Secret To Living Is Giving.” Toni Robbins

One Of The Most Valuable Qualities My Grandmother Has Instilled In Us Is Sharing.

Our Mission Is To Give Back. Make A Difference. Change The World. Be Kind. Be Good. Even If It Is Just A Little Bit. We Just Trying To Do Better….

I believe that there is no better feeling than helping. In any form, in any way, just to give that helping hand. Holding a door open for someone, giving an elderly person your seat, giving the car guard that Madiba note instead of a coin and watching their eyes and face light up. Priceless. It is the little things that matter.

Our first feed happened yesterday, Sunday the 27th May 2018. We Managed To Bless 100 People With A Warm Meal At The Holiness Christian Revival Ministries In Diepsloot. What A Special Moment!!

THANK YOU To All Of Our Amazing Sponsors And Helping Hands.
Salsa Mexican Grill (Pineslopes)
AlliPetra – @RozanneCandy
@George Nicolopoulos
@Kyle Frazenburg
@Renata De Le Rey
@Amore Jooste
Much Love ❤️


The ForEva Foundation

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